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At 3:33 AM on November 08, 2017 the most exciting and rewarding part of my life was starting. You would not have known in that moment, but life was about to get very good for me. The impounding of my dream car (Mercedes SLC 43 AMG), the handcuffs around my wrists and the desolation of a jail cell made exponentially worse by raging drunkenness all suggested that this was the best moment to end my life all together.


I am grateful that in those dark minutes, my guardian angel was working over-time. As he flashed images in my mind of my mother crying, I stopped considering suicide as the way out of my dilemma. I still had every desire to die but killing myself was no longer an option. 

Having experienced handcuffs more times than you can count on a single hand, the next day my team of attorneys (yes more than one attorney) advised that I should check myself into an in-patient treatment center immediately. I stopped my life where it was and within 72 hours I found myself a patient in a treatment center.





Founder, The Lonely Hearts Foundation

The Mission

Recognizing that having the ability to stop your life at any moments notice and to check yourself into a treatment facility for a month is a great privilege, I sought to extend this privilege to others. So, the idea of The Lonely Hearts Foundation was born. A non-profit organization, the Lonely Heart Foundation raises money so that anyone who wants, may check him or herself into a treatment facility to regain sobriety in their lives.


We provide funding for people to receive in-patient and out-patient treatment. We also provide funding so that the person in treatment may continue to meet his or her financial obligations at home. This frees the person to focus solely on his or her recovery and not find him or herself forced to cut the treatment short due to financial burdens.


You can make a difference. You can help a person regain his or her strength and hope. Any financial contribution is welcome. Any sharing of talents and gifts are also welcome.


The Opportunity

The Resources

Contact us if you or someone you know could benefit from our services.

Come see how your contributions are saving lives.

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